Love my Fendi Peekaboo!

For my first post, I want to talk about my current designer handbag obsession. I’ve been growing up collecting purses since my teen years and after finding the Fendi Peekaboo, I finally feel like my collection is complete (I can already feel my sister rolling her eyes….because I say that way too often but to my defense, I’ve been using the bag ever since I got it in March).

By the time I started eyeing the Peekaboo style, I missed Fendi’s collection with the Zucca print lining (it’s the one with the original Fendi logo print). I’ve been talking about the Peekaboo style for at least two years but thought the retail prices were way too steep ($3-5k depending on style/lining/leather type/price increases etc).

Here’s how I randomly found my Peekaboo. It was definitely meant to be because I happened to be looking around on Fashionphile and saw the EXACT combination/size I wanted.  They had listed a Fendi Goatskin Zucca Peekaboo in navy blue in “excellent condition” for about half the price of retail (honestly, it sounded too good to be true). I’ve never purchased from the pre-loved market so I was a bit hesitant but my hubby told me to just try it since Fashionphile has a 100% refund policy within 30 days as long as you don’t remove their security bag tag (as they say, remove the tag, keep the bag). It also goes through their internal extensive authentication process for peace of mind.

I didn’t want to risk someone else scooping up bag so I bit the bullet and decided to get it. My sweet husband actually ended up buying it for me as an early birthday gift. It arrived in about a week or so and to my surprise, it was even BETTER than I had anticipated. Trust me, I am a verrrry picky person and want my handbags to be as close to perfect as possible. I did an unboxing with my hubby and even though the bag was from the 2014 collection, it was in spectacular condition. I was so happy with my purchase and first shopping experience from the pre-loved market.

I’ve been using the bag non-stop since I got it. I love how classy the style is (reminds some people of the Hermes Kelly). I typically gravitate towards bags with optional uses. I can hold the bag, wear the bag on the crook of my arm, or cross-body. It has two large compartments divided by a partition in the middle. Apparently, the side with the zipper is considered the “front” of the bag. The quality and craftsmanship of this bag is amazing. Honestly, I feel like it’s even better than some of my other designer bags. I also love how understated it can be because you can close the bag on both sides with the twist lock. I love it completely open though….since it’s called the PEEKaboo.


Apologies if I’m rambling in this post. Bear with me as I get used to the blog life!

Screen Shot 2017-07-17 at 9.26.04 PM