My Everyday Hair Styling Tool 

Sorry, I’ve been a bit MIA. I need to be better at consistently posting on here. Work and weekend projects have been consuming my life buttttttt I have discovered the BEST hair tool for everyday use and wanted to share 🙂

Honestly, before I purchased this hair tool, whatever my hair looked like that morning is how I went to work. If it was REALLY BAD, I put it in a pony tail or bunned it (what can I say? I would rather sleep a few extra minutes before waking up at the buttcrack of dawn).

In my first professional job, my supervisor would say, “dress for the job you want, not the job you have”. As I have gradually moved up the ladder over the years, this saying has etched into my brain. I must say, I LOVE my current job…but either way, dressing professional makes a huge difference.

Remember how your hair looks after getting a blowout at the salon? Trust me, I have tried using a round brush and hairdryer but am not coordinated enough or have the multitasking ability to twirl a brush and blow-dry at the same time. Answer? the John Frieda Hot Air Brush and the best part is that it’s only $25. It’s basically a two in one product that gives you the volume you want but dries at the same time.

I recommend air drying your hair until about 80% before using this tool so that you can get the level of curls/waves you want. I have tried it with completely dried hair, it still does a great job at smoothening and curling the ends. I was skeptical at first but have gotten the hang of using it and have incorporated it into my daily routine (it DOES take some level of coordination…i.e. rolling the hair back and forth but you’ll get used to it). Funny because coworkers have asked me if I recently got a hair cut…. no, it’s just my hair looks put together now that I spare a few extra minutes with this awesome tool. I am not even sponsored but have told all of my girlfriends to buy this product (and they have!).

Screen Shot 2017-07-17 at 9.26.04 PM



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