Overspent on Furniture

You guysssss!!! Hubby and I did SO MUCH shopping last week with all the Thanksgiving sales. I just paid all of my credit card statements and nearly had a heart attack. We decided to be “practical” and only buy essentials for the house….but as per usual, I did sneak in a couple of non-furniture or house related things :). Shhh don’t tell him.

We literally furnished our entire house after a week of shopping. Here are the deals we found so hopefully, it helps someone out 🙂

Living Room:

Remember the Macy’s couch in my last blog post? We bought it and absolutely love it. So much more affordable and comparable to the Ethan Allen one. The Ethan Allen sales person has called and emailed me….he’s not getting our hints. My hubby was responsible for finding a TV deal. Of course, he comes home with the biggest TV he could fit on our wall. A 65 inch one but I’m not complaining about it. Now we can watch Game of Thrones and feel like we’re in a movie theater (date nights out will be limited after this massive spending spree…).

We had a bunch of gift cards from our wedding so we wanted to find a coffee table and a TV console from Bed Bath & Beyond (we LOVE this store btw). Since our hardwood floors are a brownish/gray color, we wanted to find a slightly different wood color that would compliment our floors and came across this Edison Walker coffee table and TV console.

We love that the TV console has closed drawers so we can store things (aka boardgame collection) but will also keep our place looking tidy. Plus, when we have kiddos in the future, they can’t pull all the TV/cable box cords. It has dark metal hinges which match the legs on our dining room table. We wiped our all of our gift cards and used a 20% off coupon for each item. HECK YES to extra savings!

Dining Room:

Seriously, if you’re looking for a dining room table that seats 8 people, we HIGHLY suggest the IKEA Skogsta table. The natural wood surface is beautiful and contrasts nicely with the dark table legs. Two things you should know… it’s SOLID wood and priced at ONLY $399. Check other furniture stores that sell solid wood pieces, you won’t find this price. Who would’ve thought there would be solid furniture at IKEA? We had no idea but it looks like they’re definitely stepping up their quality game. My hubby and I saw this and immediately fell in love. Since we didn’t have a truck to haul it back, we decided to borrow one and come back the following weekend. When we came back, they were completely sold out….all 13 within a few days. We pretty much had to stalk their inventory checker for the next shipment to snag one. We didn’t like the chairs/bench that matched this table for 2 reasons. 1) The bench is ridiculously tiny. For some weird reason, it’s NOT the same length of the table. You need at least 2 benches to make it look balanced. 2) The standard wooden chairs just looked uncomfortable. We wanted to find black wooden chairs that had an attached cushion. My hubby actually found these padded chairs from Overstock and it’s perfect. Best of both worlds and it matches the dining table perfectly.


Hubby and I have back problems and we wanted to invest in a nice mattress. He did a TON of research on many brands and ended up going for the Purple mattress. If you look at the price, it’s insane but just think about the fact that we all need a good nights sleep and use it every day. Cost per use right? It’s one of those new mattresses that ship in a box and deflate. We haven’t gotten it yet but I’ll be sure to take pictures of the process and provide a review. Considering the price, it better sleep like a freakin’ cloud lol.

Since our home has a ton of wood furnishings, we wanted to add a different texture/fabric to the mix. I decided a velvet/velour tufted headboard would look nice and came across this one from Bed Bath & Beyond. It looks like a bougie headboard to match our bougie mattress.

To maximize storage, my hubby wanted a bed frame that would 1) be sturdy and 2) allow us to put storage boxes underneath. He found this one on Amazon with stellar reviews. We think it’s comparable to the one Purple sells but is slightly cheaper.

P.S. you can still use expired BBB coupons. I have a whole stash of these saved up because who doesn’t love an additional 20% off everythinh


You guys…. we found the BEST desk. EVER. We both have careers where we sit literally the entire day. For someone who has major back issues, it can get pretty uncomfortable after 8-9 hours of minimal movement/constant slouching. Costco had an insane deal and was selling the Tresanti adjustable desks for $199. The day the sale started, hubby and I rushed to Costco to each buy one. We think it’s some preliminary price before it enters the market because there was limited inventory at our local store and it’s no longer listed on their website. BBB is selling it for $360.

That’s (almost) everything we bought….spent way too much. Did you guys score any good deals? Comment below and help make my wallet feel better 🙂

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